Digital Tool Data Just-in-Sequence




The supply of Up-to-Date Tool Data, in the required quality and in the required data format, is a cornerstone of Digital Manufacturing. The ISBE GDX®box smartly links up connected machines and turns the data into the commonly used formats used for different work sections. The Digital Tool Data are available for the tool grinding machine, for the tool measuring machine and as Digital Twin for the customer. This means that you can retrieve the latest digital tool data at any time and the Data Exchange works Smoothly.

Your benefits

  • Data exchange between different NC environments
  • Standardized interface reduces costs and optimizes internal workflows
  • Fast and easy supply of digital tool data
  • Tool data available at any time
  • No unnecessary standstill of the machine
  • Flexible integration of additional tool data formats
  • Production or regrinding process can be done on every machine thanks to the high level of compatibility

ISBE GDX®box Flyer (PDF)