Tool-Designer ReCAD

Re-Design of Cutting Tools

With ISBE TD ReCAD you can transfer STL data easily into reusable 3D STEP models. Independently of whether the STL data is generated by measuring machines or by simulations.

After having generated the 3D STEP models, you can use them directly in leading FEM software. In doing so, you do not lose time for complex remodeling with CAD constructions.

With the 3D STEP models you can quickly and easily perform comparisons between designed and simulated or already manufactured tool.

Furthermore, the software allows you to easily convert STL data from WALTER Toolstudio Simulation into reusable 3D STEP models.

  • How you can benefit from using TD ReCAD

    • Quick re-engineering solution - exclusively for cutting tools
    • Convert 3D grinding simulations into real 3D models
    • Convert millions of scanned data into 3D models
    • Exact re-construction of virtual tool twins for the consistent digital use
    • 3D data check for quality control (target-actual comparison)
    • Targeted tool design by means of real mill, drill and reamer geometries
    • Direct use of created 3D STEP models in grinding simulations
    • Virtual optimization of your cutting tools based on real 3D data
    • Transfer STL data from WALTER Toolstudio


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