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Open data interface for cutting tools

GDX is an open data interface which has been specifically developed for design and manufacturing of cutting tools. ISBE GmbH developed the data interface in version 1.0 back in 2006. In 2011, the VDI workshop “GPL FB1_FA114” started on the initiative of ISBE. Meanwhile the data interface has been released as VDI guideline 3232.

The data interface allows a seamless data integration between CAD system, tool measuring system and tool grinding machine.

The data interface includes the geometric data of the cutting tool with its grinding wheel, positioning values and toolpath. Thus, in the development of cutting tools the top-down approach can be applied that users can profit of.

  • Data exchange between different NC environments is possible
  • Standardized interface reduces costs and optimizes internal workflows
  • Production or regrinding process can be done on every machine due to the high level of compatibility
  • Fast generation of CAD drawings

GDX - Grinding Data eXchange (external link)

GDX 2.0 Flyer (PDF)

VDI guideline 3232 (external link)


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