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About us

ISBE GmbH - Over 25 years of experience in virtual tool design

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ISBE – Solutions for Cutting Tools

The ISBE GmbH is a supplier of smart software solutions for tool manufacturers and is specialized on cutting tools, such as drills, milling cutters, reamers or countersinks. As digitization expert we feel comfortable exactly where the demands of the digital switchover are rising more and more. Smart solutions which shorten and speed up manufacturing processes from the very beginning and at the same time increase quality are a matter of the heart for us. We live Digital Manufacturing like no other!

The ISBE GmbH was founded in 1997 and has been dedicated to the development and optimization of software solutions for the tool grinding industry for more than 20 years. What motivates us to do so? – Until today, in cutting technology, as well as in many other disciplines, manufacturers tinker and grind on a workpiece until they are satisfied with the result. Time, energy and materials are lost in this process.

But it could be much simpler: What if tool manufacturers described at the very beginning how the result should be. The end product is then created exactly according to this definition. This makes time- and cost-efficient work possible.

Not possible? – It is! We at ISBE know about the challenges that tool manufacturers have to face on a daily basis. This is why our experts develop software solutions, which work according to the principle: “First define what you want, then create what you want”. But not only this! As digitization expert we optimize your internal processes inter-divisionally and smooth your way towards the future. Are you ready?

Trust in over 25 years of experience in Virtual Tool Design!

January 2024

2024 | ISBE GmbH relies on dual leadership

April 2018

2018 | ISBE GmbH becomes a member of Zukunftsorientierte Zerspanung e.V.

November 2017

2017 | Dr. Claus Itterheim becomes advisory board member of the 3D-GUIde project

September 2016

2016 | First release TD ReCAD

March 2016

2016 | ISBE receives “Innovative through research” seal of approval

February 2014

2014 | First release option ContourCutter

September 2013

2013 | First release TD Sketcher 3D

April 2012

2012 | First release option Coolant

October 2011

2011 | The VDI working group “GDX interface” starts on the initiative of ISBE

May 2009

2009 | First release TD Sketcher

October 2008

2008 | Cooperation with Third Wave Systems

January 2006

2006 | GDX1.0 interface

June 2003

2003 | Development of surface modeling for cutting tools

February 2001

2001 | First release TD WinNut

August 1997

1997 | Foundation of ISBE – Itterheim Software Consulting & Development

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