3D high-end tool design adapted to your production

Precise tool modeling in just a few steps

TD WinNut is the optimum solution for modeling rotationally symmetrical cutting tools. The software calculates exact tools in just a few steps – quickly, easily and efficiently. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and cost-intensive trials on the machine, while at the same time ensuring a reproducible development process.

The advantages at a glance

Flexibly expandable

Thanks to the numerous additional options available, TD WinNut can be flexibly and individually adapted to your requirements.

Option Surface

From the modeled tool to the exact 3D surface model

With the Option Surface for TD WinNut, exact 3D surface data can be calculated from tool models.

Option Sim3D

Perfect grinding simulation for precise tools

The Option Sim 3D for TD WinNut enables a comprehensive and at the same time fast simulation of a tool in a grinding environment. The tool simulated and visualized there corresponds to the tool to be ground afterwards with breathtaking precision.

Option Contour Cutter

Simple definition of complex cutting edges

With the Option ContourCutter for TD WinNut, contour and profile tools can be defined quickly and easily.
Suitable for step end mills, profile cutters, contour tools and so called “christmas tree” cutters.

Option Thread

Exact modeling of profiles

The Option Thread for TD WinNut calculates the thread length for thread milling cutters, for taps and also for cord serrations tool geometries including grinding wheel profiles and grinding wheel tool paths paths.
The calculated shapes and designs can be generated as a 3D surface model and used for production.

Option Coolant

Simple definition of complex cooling channels

The Option Coolant for TD WinNut makes it possible to define multiple junction, lateral and spiral cooling channels and to position them precisely by showing front geometry and step transitions.

TD Sketcher Import

End-to-end digital process chain

With the new import function in TD WinNut, almost all solid carbide tools created in TD Sketcher can be imported and further processed. This saves time and prevents data loss due to repeated manual recording of tool data, as all the basic geometries of the tools are already loaded.


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