TD Sketcher Release News

Our innovative software product TD Sketcher has a number of new features and optimizations in the new release. Discover the most important news now.


  • Customer-article-nr: additional entry for the projectwizard analog to customer ID.
  • Customer list: Analog to coatings and und cutting tool material.

Optimized functionalities:

  • DXF contour import of the free contour supports multiple layer.
  • Changed total length limit to 2350 mm.
  • QR + barcodes can be edited
  • Additional Zusätzlicher elief angle for pcd/inserts
  • Both coolant and point graphics can be viewed simulaneously in coolant definition and point definition.

How to get to the new version!

The new version of TD Sketcher is available for all customers to download. Customers with Premium Support can sit back and relax! TD Sketcher updates itself automatically as soon as a new version is available.

You have not yet booked Premium Support? It’s best to catch up now! This not only reduces the workload for your administrators and IT department, but also gives you other benefits such as fast and individual support for questions about TD Sketcher.
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