Release Notes

TD ReCAD makes re-engineering very easy and the final results highly precise. Cutting tools can be optimized on the basis of real 3D data in the shortest possible time and the exact reconstruction of the tool is ideal for continuous digital use. The following new and improved functions have been implemented in the current release:

NEW Perimeter operations can be edited separately and independently

From now on, scope operations can be created and edited separately and independently of each other. This enables separate and far more detailed processing of any circumferential operations such as faceted and radial relief grinding, as well as back beveling or round grinding chamfers.

Optimized functions:

  • The calculation process for determining the outer geometry (envelope contour) has been revised and is therefore more precise and can be used for other outer contours
  • Optimization of model generation for microtools

How to get to the new version!

The new version of the ISBE product TD ReCAD is available for all customers to download from our portal.

For questions and further information, please contact us at or tel. +49 (0)711 223298-70.