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Less time spent on drawings and a reduction in redundant data input by linking to various systems drastically reduces the time spent upstream of production and therefore costs.

New drawings and contour tools can be created to a high standard within a few minutes, data such as DIN4003 or DXF can be exported automatically and no longer needs to be created manually.

Faster drawing iterations, possibly even at the customer’s premises, speed up the entire process chain. Delivery times are shortened and costs for customer drawings are minimized.

The TD Sketcher not only provides drawings, but can also automatically derive various other formats thanks to its background data set and even forward data to production environments such as the grinding machines or otherwise to SAP or similar.

Using the GDX format, for example, measurement instructions can be predefined right from the start and transferred directly to the measuring machine. This data can then be used retrospectively for checking or, if necessary, adjustment.