16 April 2020 - New Release Tool-Designer Suite

Spring 2020 TD Suite Release is online now

The new release of the ISBE Tool-Designer Suite with the core module TD WinNut and the re-engineering solution TD ReCAD is now available! Discover the possibilities for fast and cost-effective modeling of cutting tools, now with a wide range of new functions.

Flexible Tool Desing - fast, efficient, reproducable

NEW:  Perfect modelling of Step Clearances with TD Step.

NEW:  Export of calculated Flute and Grinding Wheel Profiles for NUMOROTOplus. Use of optimally designed flute geometries and corresponding grinding wheel profiles directly in NUMROTOplus without any loss.

NEW:  Optimization of the calculation speed and adjustments especially for Micro Tools.

NEW:  Additional Visualization of the main Cutting Edge when using the automatically calculated position.

  TD ReCAD is now able to model Threading Tools.

NEW:  Definition of the First Cutting Edge in TD ReCAD for a unique assignment.

NEW:  Creation of the flute runout as Sweep Surface for a higher flexibility in TD ReCAD.

  TD ReCAD can now also Smooth the Outer Contour for a better result of the overall model.

The new version of the TD Suite is now available for all our customers and can be downloaded from our portal. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

14 April 2020 – New Release Tool-Designer Sketcher

Spring 2020 TD Sketcher Release is online now

Discover the wide range of new features:  import and export of NUMROTOplus, revision record, testing the wall thickness of coolant channels, additional DXF export of all PCD cutting edges for the contour finishing and much more.

Whether solid carbide, PCD or indexable insert tools, the ISBE TD Sketcher can be adapted to your personal requirements and extended at any time. With an additional 3D option, the TD Sketcher Suite is able to generate digital tool data - an important added value for suppliers and users.

Release Highlights TD Sketcher Suite

NEW: Direct interface to tool grinding machines with NUMROTOplus 4.0.

DXF export of all PCD cutting edges in one file for the contour finishing.

NEW: Quick access to customized PCD blanks.

NEW: Visual warning when falling below the set wall thickness of coolant channels.

NEW: Create protrusions on blanks with just one click, e.g. for PCD tools.

Download the latest version directly from our server and fully test Tool-Designer Sketcher SOLID for 30 days for FREE! We are happy to provide our further TD Sketcher editions to you as a test version upon request.


1 August 2019 – We support the WILD BOYS!

We are proud supporter of the TVB Stuttgart WILD BOYS in the first German Handball League 2019/2020!

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